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To commercial software developers : Copyright Infringement

Disclaimer :

We do not store any copyright protected content in our web sites/servers. All the posts are made only for education purposes and any linked content is stored only in third-party web sites. Since freedom of speech is allowed in this fashion, we do not attend in any kind of copyright infringing

To warez bloggers : Copying Dinowap.in / (Dinx.in)

Well. Its always free to copy Dinx.in / Dinowap. But there are limits for good

  • If you are copying the whole post, you should keep a minimum of one ad (which is included in the original post by us) left in the post
  • You should not link to image files hosted on our servers (do not suck our bandwidth)
  • Copy in a good fashion. Do not be a prick
  • Thanks for understanding…

If in case there is an infringing content you believe it must be removed then contact us to remove it immediately. We won’t even ask you for verification details.

Contact us here and state the name of post published on our site.
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