4 Quick tl;dr iOS Game Reviews / Recommendations (Episode 13) [+ bonus podcast about mobile gaming] : iosgaming

4 Quick tl;dr iOS Game Reviews / Recommendations (Episode 13) [+ bonus podcast about mobile gaming] : iosgaming

4 Quick tl;dr iOS Game Reviews / Recommendations (Episode 13) [+ bonus podcast about mobile gaming] : iosgaming
April 13
15:13 2019

Happy weekend, fellow Mobile Gamers. Only 4 games this week? Yes, but in return, I’ve also launched a monthly podcast all about mobile gaming. You can listen to the first episode here.

This time in my roundup of the most interesting games I’ve played last week, I cover a blazing fast and chaotic arcade jetfighter from SEGA, a new Metal Slug idle RPG game, a casual real-time pvp card battler, and a fun 3v3 top-down shooter with neither in-app purchases nor annoying advertisements!

Disagree with my opinion? Let’s have a friendly discussion below.

New to these posts? Check out the first one from 13 weeks ago here.

The games are “ranked” somewhat subjectively from best to worst, so take the ranking for what it is.

This week’s 4 games:

Aftermath [Game Size: 302 MB] (free)

Genre: Shooter / Top-down / Sci-Fi / Fast-paced – Requires Online Access

Orientation: Landscape

Required Attention: Full


Aftermath is a brand new 3v3 top-down online sci-fi shooter with small maps that ensure a fast-paced and action-packed combat.

As one of three classes, each with unique abilities (heal, shield, & invisibility), we work with our team to complete the game-mode’s objectives, while defeating as many opponents as possible using our two weapons.

Gear is unlocked through crates that can be opened every time we’ve earned enough points during gameplay, and the many different weapons that work independently of your class, keeps the game interesting and allows for many combinations and customization options.

Matchmaking is fast, but we’re fighting bots when there aren’t enough real players, there’s no friend system, and too few game modes. Luckily, all of that can be improved during the beta period, and at least there are no iAPs or ads at all for now!

App Store: Here Pre-register iOS: here

First Impressions / Review: Here

Metal Slug Infinity [Game Size: 155 MB] (free)

Genre: Idle / Incremental / RPG – Offline Playable

Orientation: Landscape

Required Attention: Idle


Metal Slug Infinity is a military-themed RPG idle game with no “clicker” elements, which means its more about resource management and incrementally improving our power and troops than mindlessly tapping our screen.

While fighting happens automatically, we level up troops to deal more damage, start quests to get more gold, complete missions to rank up our troops, and so much more – until we eventually decide to reset everything in exchange for a currency used to gain a permanent stat-boost.

Ultimately, Metal Slug Infinity doesn’t attempt to re-invent the idle game genre, but with plenty of active gameplay elements, a decent monetization, and a unique theme and strong IP, the game does stand out among the rest.

App Store: Here

First Impressions / Review: Here

Gambit [Total Game Size: 257 MB] (free)

Genre: Card / PvP / Real-time / Casual – Requires Online Access

Orientation: Portrait

Required Attention: Full

tl;dr review:

Gambit is a fast-paced real-time PvP card battler with an interesting 4-lane playing board, no singleplayer content, a simplified deck-building aspect, and no card upgrading system, the latter of which keeps the game fairer for free users by decreasing the necessary grind.

The matches are actually real-time (no bots as far as I can tell), but because the game is still in early access, there aren’t enough players for fair and balanced matchmaking, which currently ruins an otherwise fun and casual card battler gameplay experience.

The iAPs stop already at $15 and don’t provide a greater chance at rare cards, and every single card can be grinded through gameplay and instantly-opening card packs (no loot boxes).

App Store: Here

First Impressions / Review: Here

Balls Multiplayer [Total Game Size: 601 MB] (free)

Genre: Arcade / Jet Fighter / Flying – Requires Online Access

Orientation: Landscape

Required Attention: Full

tl;dr review:

After Burner Climax arcade crazy-fast-flying shooter and the latest in the Sega Forever collection of classic Sega games released on mobile with a TON of ads and a $2 iAP to remove them (trust me, you’ll want to consider this one a premium game – there’s an ad every 20 seconds!).

Throughout 20 stages in either the score attack or arcade game mode, we control one of 4 jet fighters with a left-side joystick allowing us to move up-down-left-right, a throttle to change the speed, and buttons on the right-side for firing missiles and our machine gun at the hundreds of planes and ground targets moving towards us.

Everything happens at a blazing speed, which is what makes this game both chaotic and fun, and although the game sadly isn’t offline playable, it is everything I expected from an arcade jet fighting game.

App Store: Here

First Impressions / Review: Here

Google Sheet of all games I’ve played so far (searchable and filter-able): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bf0OxtVxrboZqyEh01AxJYUUqHm8tEfh-Lx-SugcrzY/edit?usp=sharing

TL;DR Video Summary (with gameplay) of last week’s 5 games: https://youtu.be/mApbWLKSXYQ

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