[IOS] Games Similar to Azur Lane? : MobileGaming

[IOS] Games Similar to Azur Lane? : MobileGaming

[IOS] Games Similar to Azur Lane? : MobileGaming
November 26
09:12 2018

So, YouTube kept giving me ads for Azur Lane, and I eventually thought, “Y’know what? Looks interesting.” So I downloaded it.

I love the way the game personifies battleships as anime girls, and all the designs are really cute and badass. I like that it’s not a competitive thing where I have to fight tryhard players and I can progress at my own pace.

But hot damn this game is overwhelming. There’s SO MUCH! They took your typical gachapon-style character battler and then bolted on this weird dormitory you can buy decorations for, and there’s an academy with buildings that do god-knows-what, and even though it’s hard enough to keep track of all my girls I ALSO have an ever-growing stash of guns and bomber planes with their own rarities that I can assign to the girls. And apparently fatigue is an issue, which is why the dorm exists, but I can’t even find the meters that tell me how tired my girls are. As the cherry on top, you can also raise affinity with and eventually marry your battleship girls.

It’s way too much, and it makes the game come off as sloppy and over-complicated.

Can anybody recommend me similar games that maintain the anime girl/waifu collecting aesthetic and very simple elements of battling or affinity-building? I need like a baby’s first mobile game version of Azur Lane. I just wanna collect waifus like trading cards and fight with simple mechanics or something. I used to play Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing, and that was basically the same but much more manageable.

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