[TheList-12] New games with few downloads, in early acess, beta, indie devs. : AndroidGaming

[TheList-12] New games with few downloads, in early acess, beta, indie devs. : AndroidGaming

[TheList-12] New games with few downloads, in early acess, beta, indie devs. : AndroidGaming
November 20
17:25 2018

  • Departed Paths-“Take yourself on a new and amazing type of choose your own adventure game, where all you are asked to do is swipe”-PAID

  • Pulsator-“Dodge and weave through endless obstacles collecting points to unlock up to 8 game changing power ups customizing the gameplay to your needs”-PAID

  • The Last Hero-“Casual – Arcade game”-FREE

  • Insane In Space-“Arcade shooter about traveling through endless space”-FREE

  • King of Seven Seas-“defeat pirates and sink their ships, discover treasures, and complete missions to become the king of seven seas”-FREE

  • Spooky Land-“simple platform game with two world. Game play is very simple and easy to control”-FREE

  • Persia Warriors: Time Battle-“fantasy platformer game”-FREE

  • YAMADA Otoshi-“If you manipulate the black hole and drop all the Yamada, it is level completed.You can enjoy 100 levels.”-FREE

  • Haunting of the past-“A 3D, First Person, turn based, tile based, Puzzle game with a short story about a boy having a strange dream”-FREE

  • The Only Way Is Up – Fun Endless Platformer Game-FREE

  • Qbik-“is a beautifully designed pixel-art puzzle game”-PAID

  • Planet Blast: Swipe to shoot jumping ball-FREE

  • Restless Hero – Pixel Art Dungeon Adventure-FREE

  • Aztec Golfing-“crazy golf challenge”-PAID

  • KNIGHTS-“minimalist puzzle game based on a single chess piece, the titular knight. A simple enough to pick up and relaxing experience”-PAID

  • Pixel Wars — MMO Action-“Team PvP Action in the best tradition of the genre! Various modes, dynamic battles, unique character builds”-FREE

  • Cannon Rush-“A fort armed with cannons is being attacked by pirate ships. Defending the fort from attacking ships is your job”-FREE

  • Escape Pod Gravity Run-“your escape pod has lost all thrust controls and you are forced to use the nearby gravity generators to navigate thru obstacles of each level to reach the exit”-PAID

  • Pigeons Attack-“is a top-down shooter with combat elements whose goal is to survive to pigeons hordes for as long as possible”-FREE

  • Miner World : Grow Miner 2-FREE

  • The Last Vampire-FREE

  • Cheeky Chooks-“you’re going to need to grow from a small podunk dusthole into a gigantic chicken utopia MEGA RANCH”-FREE

  • Project Charon: Space Fighter-“Get into the cockpit of the experimental starfighter EX-23 in this great-looking and immersive space shooter”-FREE

  • Breaking Mad-“is a action platformer game, packed with intense yet casual experience-FREE

  • Maze Runner-FREE

  • Blind Wizard Brawl-“is a fast-paced micro deckbuilding game. Use secrecy and bluffing while planning around your rivals’ strategies!”-FREE

  • Battles Of The Valiant Universe-” is a free-to-play collectible card game based on the Valiant Comics universe. Its exclusive game mechanics include real-time PvP, combos, and power-ups”-FREE

  • Clan in War-“is a real-time battle game that combines elements of ARPG and SLG, Card Simulation and Bizarre Fighting, with rich levels and a huge world maps that are just waiting for you to explore”-FREE

  • I am Alone-FREE

  • Laws of Civilization-“is a turn-based politics game. Enter parliament and use democracy to approve important laws and rank among first countries in the world”-PAID

  • The Stacks-“is a fun, easy to play game available on most platforms including iOS, Android and online on PC, where players must navigate the intricate construction of three stacks whilst collecting food vouchers, avoiding kidnappers and not being too slow.”-FREE

  • Hopsa: Monkey Jump Pixel Art Game-“endless jumper pixel art game, jump to have fun.”-FREE

  • Survival After Tomorrow- Dead Zombie Shooting Game-FREE

  • Sneak In – Marble Shooter Game-FREE

  • DOKA-“game contains 9 fascinating levels that will not let you get bored. For fans of strong difficulty in the game there is a “New Game +”. It will be available after the passage of the main storyline”-FREE

  • Man Rescue From Spaceship-“is point and click escape game”-FREE

  • Depth of fortune-“is a dungeon game offline”-FREE

  • Cthulhu: time for death-“Become a real detective and investigate a mysterious thing on the island.Dark, mysterious, dangerous and terribly scary game about Cthulhu.”-FREE

  • The Adventure of Boy Genius-FREE

  • Island Survival: Hunt, Craft, Survive-FREE

  • Kansei-“Free demo with in-app purchase for full game”-FREE

  • Space exploration: New Liveable planets mission-“beautiful and atmospheric game where you will be a member of the space expedition to explore deep space”-FREE

  • Dungeon Construction Co. The Game-“Come work for Dungeon Construction Co.! We currently have an opening in our dungeon running a focus group”-FREE

  • Mysterious island: shipwreck survival-FREE

  • Potolo’s Diamond Hunting-FREE

  • I Want To Live-“Featuring a variety of firearms, all with unlimited ammo to help you take out anyone in your way.
    Advanced AI that deals with vision, sight, rallying same team members, and flanking targets”-PAID

  • Loat-“microhorror endless runner game”-FREE

  • Space Shifter-FREE

  • Wars Monoliths-“adventure in the classic style of the 90s”-FREE

  • Zombies Overloaded-“Wave after wave of zombies surround you as you fight for your life!”-FREE

  • Leafs-“Master your eye/hand coordination as you glide through this endless forest”-FREE

  • Solbot Energy Rush-“fast-paced retro arcade game”-FREE

  • Hyper Sentinel-“face-melting, pixel-pumping arcade shoot ’em up featuring awesome power-ups, epic boss battles and spectacular effects.”-PAID

  • Hophill Island-PAID

  • Space Drone-“retro-2D Space Drone game”-FREE

  • Flip Skater-“miniclip game”-FREE

  • Not Without You-“modern take on classic puzzle mechanics that’s accessible to gamers of all ages”-FREE

  • Freediving Hunter Adrenaline-PAID

  • Blef – Puzzle Rogue-“turn based puzzle game with roguelike elements”-PAID

  • Simon Says Jump-“is a platforming game with a twist.”-FREE

  • Heat 2082-“challenging top-down 3D-styled space shooter game that has classical features”-PAID

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