Bandai Namco shut down soft-launched Doctor Who game | Pocket

Bandai Namco shut down soft-launched Doctor Who game | Pocket

November 9, 2018 0 By admin

Bandai Namco has called time on the soft-launched Doctor Who: Battle of Time.

The publisher revealed via the game’s help forum that the game would close on November 26th.

Customers have also been advised to contact the support team for a refund on any in-app purchases made within 30 days of the closure announcement.


“We want to thank everyone for their support as we worked to deliver the best game we could,” read a statement from Bandai Namco on the forum.

“We can’t really comment on the business decisions that lead to the sunset of Doctor Who: Battle of Time, but we’re thankful that many fans were able to play and enjoy this title while it was available.”

The game was initially set live May 30th and had been released in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Thailand.

The gameplay revolved around collectable cards, with over 200 up for grabs with unique rarities, abilities and powers.

It underwent 12 updates in total, with the seventh including daily quests and tweaks to the backend to improve download speed. The last of those updates came on October 26th.